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(2015) Nothing Matters. Everything Dies. (2015) Nothing Matters. Everything Dies.

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everything dies. but life goes on beneath them.

larrynachos responds:

existence is inconsequential

Mayya Malyshka Mayya Malyshka

Rated 5 / 5 stars

my aunt once said, music can move your mind, but incredible music could move mountain and ocean. although she left me years ago, i believe she still live in my heart to cherish this majestic piece of art. such beautiful track that so tiny in the universe, yet significantly important in the heart and mind of its listeners.

this is triple-A title film music. very original. very unique. extremely well made. beautifully crafted with deep meaning. the climaxes tugged my heart the most. that wonderful string lead kick and piano. then the voices came, and my life is complete. you never cease to amaze your listeners. there is always changes and unique in your work.

i'm on along way to do insignificantly small act to save humanity, and i was exhausted to death. 9-12 hours drive everyday until i reach ND. exhausted of all the traffic and weather. but when i listened to this piece, my tiredness has disappeared. i feel excited for the unknown trip ahead. even if this will be the last trip i would go. it gives me life no matter what. because life is all i need. and what i do to save more lives.

each of us walk the path of our destiny. your is to make music for peasants like me to enjoy, and to move on. and im glad to know you, because this work said all about you. you show yourself in this piece of work. a work of lifetime. but im sure, you will make better work in the future, because you would never cease to amaze your fans. i won't be around to listen, but i hope you will have the chances to make your followers in awe.

good luck in life. and keep up the work.

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Phonometrologist responds:

I'm glad that you're still able to be around as you make the trip. I hope it goes well there, but I'm not very optimistic about the situation as the government doesn't always serve its people. Unfortunately, greed has left many people astray. You referenced a bible verse when you mentioned moving mountains, and so I'll do the same that "the love of money is the root of all evil." Going there is necessary, but hopefully you can return home as well when you have finished serving others in that cause. I'm glad this piece is useful for you by serving as inspiration to your journey. I have always said that if my music has helped a single individual, even if in a small way, then it has all been worth it. One person is just as important as a hundred people just like a toe, a hand, or a nose is to the body. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. It's always a pleasure reading your comments.

Revolution Revolution

Rated 5 / 5 stars

wow you actually got better. this track is more structured than your old ones. and closer to be cinematic. the most awesome fact is you made this with GarageBand.

Excellent job!

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MysteriousPresence responds:

Dude you're the best ! <3
Well actually I think GarageBand is pretty well for composing Cinematic. I mean there's a lot of Cinematic instruments and with those you can build some good stuff if you have an idea ! =3
Thanks for the review ! =D

!H4CK3D! !H4CK3D!

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Nice stolen music.

Ahsoka's Theme Ahsoka's Theme

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great harmonics. The piece needs some work on arrangement and transition, some on mixing. But good choices of melody. Not bad for the first work! And welcome to NG. :) you earned a fan!

EngyVI responds:

Thank you! Mixing is still my weak spot. And indeed the transitions are slightly iffy. How would you suggest to make better transitions?

Kimimaro's Theme Kimimaro's Theme

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Larry is on a streak. and he's as famous as The Fat Rat and Living Tombstone.

larrynachos responds:

I'll be famous when I have fans and an audience to keep me company.

Beating Depression #2 - Finding Comfort/Running Away Beating Depression #2 - Finding Comfort/Running Away

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depression sucks. :( some looks to friend, some look to weed. most idiots like me look to alcohol. but having friends to share emotion (and sometime vent shit on them) is much better than any substances to ingest until you pass out. i really like to listen to you talk. dunno why, your voice sound really warm and comforting.

hope you feel better soon. :)

RealFaction responds:

Yep. Very true. Aww thank you :) I'm getting there. I've beaten depression which is why i made this series, but anxiety disorder is still something i'm working on. I'm hoping this series helps many.

Pico's School - Boss Fight Pico's School - Boss Fight

Rated 5 / 5 stars

:DDD you did it! YES YOU DID IT!

This is so much better than the placeholder copyrighted track. Awesome work!

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RealFaction responds:

Aww thanks! I've been kinda nervous I don't know if people will like it or not but imo, the originals were very short and repetitive, even though they were kinda catchy. Thank you :)

Experience 192 Experience 192

Rated 5 / 5 stars

holyfuck this is so awesome! :O

excellent hybrid track!

Zipark responds:

I appreciate dude thanks

Glass of Water Glass of Water

Rated 5 / 5 stars

which fucker downvoted this? >:(

this track is amazing. i love your electro music very much. they are very well made. wow this one's feeling is full. excellent.

keep up the great work dude!

Zipark responds:

Thank you Agitat0r :)